Triple-B Baltimore photos now viewable on Flickr!

Going Crazy with the BabePhotos from the Triple B-Baltimore are now available for everyone’s viewing pleasure! We’ve got pix from all of the field trip portion of the event currently online. That includes the Magical Mystery Tour, the Camden Yards tour, including group photo, Boordy Vineyards, the Water Taxi, the pre-game party in the Championship Cafe, the ballgame against the Twins (the O’s won, 7-3), and last but not least, the fireworks to cap it all off! Wow! Let’s do it again! And again!

Camden Yards Fireworks!So far, all the photos in the group are from my camera (thanks Nate!), but Flickr makes it easy-as-pie for many folks to contribute to the photo album, so I hope everyone else gets their photos up soon too! I know there are oodles more of great BBB photos that the gnomes are holding back on me. Click the fireworks photo to go to the Triple B-Baltimore photo album index page!


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