Special guest at the Triple B-Baltimore

We had the wonderful fortune at this year’s event to be joined by CUES editor Theresa Witham. You may know Theresa’s byline (formerly Theresa Sweeney) from the many CUES publications she puts together and contributes to.

Theresa took copious notes and many photos throughout the speaker sessions, held on the top floor of the Admiral Fell Inn. We can’t wait to read what she has to write! Theresa probably has enough material for many articles. We were thrilled to have Theresa attend; she lives right in the Baltimore area.


3 Responses to “Special guest at the Triple B-Baltimore”

  1. Theresa Witham Says:

    Thank you for the invitation, Morriss! I had a great at the Triple B. I got to talk to a lot of great credit union people. I do have lots of notes and am putting them together into an article now. I’ll post a link when it is up on the CUES site.

    One of the sessions inspired an interesting idea for an article about marketing and the board of directors. It seems like these two groups could be in conflict a lot. The board’s role is to set the vision, the big picture, the long-term destination for the credit union. Marketers define the target and make the message meet the target. You come back from events, like the Triple B, inspired with ideas about how to tell your CU’s story, but what happens when that doesn’t match the board’s vision? How can these groups support each other and figure out how their relationship will work best? How does this relationship work well at your credit unions? Or if it is not working, what are the problems?

  2. Theresa Witham Says:

    If you want to read the articles I wrote based on the Triple B sessions, check out these links:



  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Theresa!

    Thank you so much for attending, and thank you for writing such wonderful articles about some of the speakers. I think you did a great job capturing the essence of the messages!

    Go Ravens!

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