Fells Point will never be quite the same…


wow. wow. wow. wow.

The Triple B-Baltimore was more incredible than I could have ever imagined. When we set out to do the second-ever credit union branding event, I never thought we could top the inaugural Triple-B in Portland Oregon. But we did. The Triple B-Baltimore was OFF THE HOOK! And Fells Point will never be the same for it. Then again, the Triple-B could be held in GNome, Alaska, and it would still be incredible because it’s the gnomes that make this event so very special! Each and every gnome is highly unique, incredibly talented, very cool, and an integral part of the Triple-B.

We planned and anticipated much of the event, but as usual, there were very very special impromptu gnome moments, and those were among the best. One thing I never imagined was the impact more than 40 gnomes (including guests) would make on the establishments of Fells Point. By Friday night, Gnomes were the hot topic at Max’s On Broadway, Kooper’s Tavern, the Admirals Cup, and who knows where else the gnomes frequented. (Apparently some gnomes are nocturnal!)

I encourage all gnomes to send me their pictures and stories! We’ll probably make a Flickr page for the photos……..Stay tuned………


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