And so the bonding begins…

Last night the team (Matt, Sarah, Josh, Melanie, Adam, Dan R., Nate, and myself) met up with early arriving gnomes Trish Waters, David Southall and Karen Hurst from Innovations FCU in Panama City FL, and with Cecilia Lang of El Paso Employees FCU, and Candy Gilb from American First CU in Orange County CA.

We went to dinner at DuClaw Brewing Company, a fabulous bar and eatery with award-winning, fresh brews on tap. The weather was so wonderful that we ate outside, where we could see the harbor. It was so great to reunite with our early arriving gnomes! A perfect start to our three day extravaganza! Photos to come….

The Triple-B event officially gets underway in just a few hours, when I give a presentation at 3:30 pm Eastern time in the top-floor meeting room of the Admiral Fell Inn (with spectacular views of the city!)… then we’ve got a reception at 5:30, and then we’ll be showing the new event video at 7:00. The video is a laugh-riot! Josh Lynn and Nate Duval put together an amazing show!


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