One month till the Triple B-Baltimore!

Championship CafeJust got back from Baltimore with my son, Sean, for the weekend… checking out all the venues for the upcoming Triple-B event. Saw the Championship Cafe in the Warehouse of Camden Yards… and it is AWESOME! It’s the perfect size for our group, cozy, intimate, championship banners hanging from the ceiling, photos of Oriole glory on the walls, as well as retired jerseys.

We drove through Fells Point on Saturday night… the place was absolutely PACKED! There were folks everywhere, the shops were lit up, everyone was having a great time! The cobblestone streets are pretty cool. There’s a lot of construction going on in the area…. I saw a new trendy cool restaurant that looked rather amazing just from the outside. We also walked by a saloon called The Horse You Came In On which claims to be the country’s oldest.

The Inner Harbor was also very busy as usual. Sean and I discovered Port Discovery… an amazing delight for kids!

Before driving out, I visited the Admiral Fell Inn, which will be our headquarters for the branding event. We stopped in the True restaurant downstairs… it’s very elegant. The Admiral Fell has done a lot of refurbishing since I was last there in January. It’s looking really sharp! And the top floor conference room has an incredible view of downtown B’more and you can see the harbor too! It’s right on the edge of the water….

We visited Boordy Vineyards on our way back to Massachusetts. Sampled just a few of their reds; they are first class! My heart still belongs to the Seyval-Vidal-Chardonnay blend… the one with a Rockfish on the label… it’s my all-time favorite!

And to top it all off, the Orioles beat the Blue Jays 15-0 on Saturday! Now that’s a smack-down!


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