Adding Credit Union knowledge to the Wikiverse

After perusing the information on credit unions in Wikipedia, I have discovered that while there is some excellent information there, there are many areas that could be more fully developed. For example, there was no article about Edward Filene, one of the most important figures in the creation of credit unions in the United States. So I’ve started articles on Mr. Filene, the Federal Credit Union Act, dual chartering, and significantly edited the article on credit unions, and fixed a factual error in the article about Louise Herring.

There are many more articles to write or develop, so please feel free to email me with any information you’d like to see appear. Or feel free to become a Wikipedia editor yourself and add it. Be bold!


7 Responses to “Adding Credit Union knowledge to the Wikiverse”

  1. Matt Dean Says:

    Good call. I’d noticed the same thing but hadn’t done anything about it. Thanks for heading this up!

  2. Ronald Says:

    Charter conversions from credit unions to banks (called “demutualisation” in Commonwealth countries) are a topic worth bringing forth in Wikipedia.

    Leadership of Australia’s Qantas Staff Credit Union is currently urging members to approve what is, for all practical purposes, a demutualisation proposal. See these links below:,20867,19975004-23349,00.html

    Leaders of Michigan’s DFCU Financial Credit Union, who suspended a CU-to-bank charter conversion attempt, are still facing intense criticism and legal challenges from members angered over the leaders’ clumsy attempt to railroad a charter conversion through – see

  3. Morriss Partee Says:

    HI, Ronald. Thanks for bringing this point up. You are right, this is worthy of attention, and worthy of a Wikipedia entry. Just yesterday I spoke with a Strategic Planning Facilitator for a state league who has encountered several credit unions with high ranking management members who are ex-bankers. They don’t understand the credit union philosophy, and operate just as if it were a bank. This is a crying shame, and such people are extremely harmful to not only the credit unions that they are working for, but the movement as a whole.

    On the other hand, I just got back from doing branding consulting for a credit union that had two ex-bankers in their management team, and they DID understand that they were a credit union, and that it’s the membership that they are there to serve. Of course we need to continue to have positive financial results. But we can make decisions to do that that simultaneously tell our credit union story.

  4. Arnold Berger Says:

    I am webmaster of the magazine which has a long story on Edward Filene

    Very puzzled that you write there are no article on Edward Filene when a Google search would show our page on him as #1
    In fact it is where you found the image you show in your post.
    And our page is shown as the first external link on wiki’s entry for Filene.
    I know for I added it a year ago (in 2005).

    Yet you say that you added the Edward Filene page in 2006.
    Perhaps you would like to clarify your statement.

    Our page is worth a visit if only to learn how the family got the name “Filene”.

  5. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Arnold!

    Thank you for visiting this blog and commenting! Yes, indeed, your site has a wonderful article on Edward Filene, and I learned much about him from that article. (I hope it’s okay with you that I am linking this photo from your site. Let me know if that’s not okay.) And yes, your article indeed appears number one when googling “Edward Filene.”

    However, there was no wikipedia article on Mr. Filene before I added it on August 4, 2006, and you can check the veracity of that statement by looking at the history of the article. And yes, I put your excellent source article as the first external link in the wikipedia article. I was surprised to find an extensive article on Filene’s, the department store, that did not mention Edward Filene in it at all! So I added a brief mention of him at the beginning of the Filene’s article, linking to the bio article. Please feel free to contact me, or help the wikipedia article be better!

    Thank you again for commenting here!

  6. Arnold Berger Says:

    Glad you asked. Like all webmasters who comment on this issue, I prefer that you copy the Fillene image to your web space and use your bandwidth. Not that bandwidth is that costly, but I prefer that our visitor counts reflect only persons who are knowingly visiting our site.

  7. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi Arnold, Thanks for letting me know. I’ve moved the image to this site so that the bandwidth will not come from your servers. Have a great weekend!

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