Another Unique Credit Union Story

Thank you to Mary Arnold of Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) for running my article, Once Upon A Brand, about the Power of Story to enhance your organization’s brand.

In that article, I give two examples of powerful stories outside of the credit union industry, and two examples of stories within the credit union industry.

Here’s a third credit union with a unique, powerful, relevant, and differentiating story, Evangelical Christian Credit Union: The credit union originally served members of faith-based ministries. However, they discovered that there was a niche opportunity in helping the faith-based organizations themselves with business loans and investment services. They completely changed their own focus to hone in exclusively on this need. The results speak for themselves; with only 12,000 members, their total loan volume is $741 million (Avg loan balance is $194,000) and their ROA is 1.94%. (Thank you to Callahan & Associates for information about this credit union’s niche.)

We’re going to be learning how you can find and develop your own credit union’s unique story at the credit union world’s only brand event, the Triple B-Baltimore: Once Upon a Brand in September.


One Response to “Another Unique Credit Union Story”

  1. V Says:

    Morriss – So as a member of – I’ve been reading excerpts from Seth Godin’s new book “Small is the new Big”…

    In his chapter on Reinforcement (of “what every good marketer knows!) – he mentions that: “Good marketers tell a story.” and “Living and breathing an authentic story is the best way to survive in a conversation-rich world.”

    Those pieces of this “chapter” (they are small!) of Godin’s were really reinforced for me as I re-read some of your posts, like this one, on telling your Unique CU Story!

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