A rose by any other name

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet”
— Billy Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet (Act II, Scene 2, lines 43-44)

My message here was originally written in response to a discussion on EverythingCU.com about titles for tellers and receptionists. Some organizations call these people simply “tellers and receptionists” while others call them “Member Service Representatives and Member Sales Officers”. People’s titles can have a significant impact on how they perceive themselves, and equally importantly, how others perceive them. Language is one of the most important tools in the human toolbox; therefore this is a non-trivial subject.

Sometimes we do need to keep it simple, and do what is standard and expected. Other times we use language and titles to differentiate ourselves from others. To resolve the title issue, I would ask you to ask yourself, what would be “on-brand” to the organization for the position’s title? If keeping it simple is on-brand for your credit union, then stick with Receptionist and Tellers. But if your brand is something else (e.g. innovative, playful, conservative, fun, educational, crisp, neighborly, etc.), then make the titles on-brand.

For the Triple-B Baltimore event, our launching pad is the Admiral Fell Inn. We didn’t choose this hotel at random — we chose it because we can learn new branding insights by staying there. This hotel is part of a very special group — Harbor Magic. And that’s not an empty promise… they truly do make magic for their guests. They have several very special people on staff–Experience Specialists. This person is not just a concierge — this person is truly empowered to make great experiences for their guests. And it goes beyond just the staff, they also have magical packages (for those with and without kids), and in-hotel experiences that their guests can enjoy.

Imagine what your credit union would be like if you had your own version of Experience Specialists on-staff, whose sole job is to make sure your members have a great experience with your credit union!!

Thank you to English Country Garden for the rose image.


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