World 2.0

I have just posted a response to Mack Collier’s blog about how to connect the online world/blogosphere with the “real” world. I’ve been fostering an online community ( for six years now…. and in my mind, they are already one and the same. I wouldn’t worry about the rest of the world catching up… they will get there eventually. Meanwhile, those in the vanguard will continue to innovate.

As proof that the online world HAS already merged with the physical world, I offer this photo as evidence. In this photo, my seven-year-old son is talking on my cell phone with his grandfather in Texas…. and very patiently explaining how his new Webkinz stuffed frog (tucked gently under his arm) is both a real stuffed animal frog AND has an online world where you can play games with it and interact with other Webkinz owners. Now THAT’S World 2.0! That’s the reality for everyone growing up today.

2 Responses to “World 2.0”

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