Richmond rocks!

We love our Richmond peeps…. Greta and Alison from Entrust FCU, and Susan, Elisabeth, Nicole, Ben, Gary, Chris, and Jennifer from Henrico FCU are all wonderful people. Josh, Matt, and I had a blast playing in the Richmond CU Chapter’s annual charity golf tournament to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. We also got to talk branding process strategy with the good folks of Henrico FCU. We were very excited to get a tour of Henrico’s new building… and to see Susan’s framed certificate of Brandology hanging proudly on her wall… accompanied by a package of gnome chapstick (whatever that is!).

We had such a great time last night at the Kuba Kuba eatery with current and future gnomes Susan Epperson, Jennifer Ramirez-Washington, Elisabeth Bost, and Nicole Miesnik. Kuba Kuba is a wonderful little cuban restaurant right in the heart of Richmond’s fan district. We were then joined by Ben Sexton… who is very hip AND a CFO (who knew that hip CFOs existed?)…. and then we hit the Bubble Bar… which is one of the coolest, classiest, and most stylish martini bars I have ever seen. Every one of their drinks is a true work of art. I can tell they are passionate about their drinks! Though their web site is trés cool, it doesn’t do the coolness of being there any justice at all!

Susan, you are right! You do have a wonderful management team to work with! We can’t wait to get started on your brand refinement process!


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