Make it EASY!

This may sound like the most obvious, basic business strategy in the world, but it absolutely BLOWS MY MIND how many businesses DON’T heed this basic principle:


I just tried to call a medium size credit union. The automated phone answering system informed me that the credit union is CLOSED (this is at 9:43 am on a Wednesday morning). The automated phone respondant was abysmally confusing, and offered no immediate choices that would help me out if I were a customer. There was no way to leave a message, nor was there any option to reach a customer service person, and no way to access a company directory. I don’t know how this credit union does any business at all! If the phone system is any indication, I bet they frown and scowl when members enter their lobby. That’s basically the attitude I got from the horrible automated phone system.

What things are you doing that are making it hard for your customers to do business with you? What could you change to make it easier for your customers to do business with you? Don’t overlook the little things… it’s often the fundamentals that trip up businesses in this regard.


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