Instant Orioles on my cell phone via Google

I love how you can send text messages to google to get all kinds of answers. (Say you want to find the nearest Mexican restaurant. Just send a text message “Mexican restaurant 01040” to 46645, and you’ll get a text message or two back from Google with the results.) We are living in a magical world; this is proof of it. As if the info that you can get from text messaging Google wasn’t already incredible enough, now I can check up on my Orioles at any time. Google has just recently added sports scores. Now all I have to do is send the text message “Orioles” to 46645, and not only do I get the current score, I get the previous game’s score, and the date, time, and opponent of the next game as well! WOW! THAT ROCKS! Too bad the Red Sox have wupped up on the O’s so far this weekend…Oh well, maybe we can get back to winning ways against Detroit….


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    […] technology to do this exists right now, aside from the security issues. Right now, google has a text message feature which is rather amazing… Text message “pizza 66101″ to Google’s text […]

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