Flying into BWI

For all of our friends coming to Baltimore for the Triple B event, it’s amazing how low the airfares are. Baltimore’s airport is BWI (Baltimore-Washington International), and there is a wonderful light rail system that will take you right into downtown for just a couple of bucks.

BWI is serviced by all major airlines and Southwest also has many specials. Here are examples of current airfares that can be had to BWI right now…. (everything is expressed as roundtrip price, with taxes. All info gained from Orbitz, except for Southwest info)

from Houston…$252 roundtrip via USAirways
from Dallas…$224 via American Airlines (non-stop)
from Minneapolis…$265 via Airtrans
from Chicago…$224 with American Airlines (non-stop)
from San Francisco…$305 with Frontier Airlines
from Vegas…$266 with American Airlines
from St. Louis…$310 or slightly less with American, United, Continental, Delta, Northwest, or USAirways
from Tampa…$227 or less with AirTrans, Southwest, Northwest, American, USAirways, United, or Delta
from Portland, OR… $368 with Northwest, American, Delta, and United
from Boston… $143 (non-stop!) with AirTrans, Delta, and American
and from Hartford/Springfield (our home airport)…$139 (non-stop!) with Southwest

What amazing bargains! How wonderful that members from all over the country can come together for an amazing brand immersion experience as well as a chance to connect with one another!


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