An amazing adventure in New Zealand

Air New ZealandJust got back from having an incredible trip to New Zealand. My seven-year-old son Sean came with me… he is an amazing traveler! I was worried that the twenty-four-plus straight hours of travel would prove to much for him, but he was a wonderful companion! Our adventure started at JFK, then we flew to LAX, from there flew across the Pacfic to Auckland, then flew to Christchurch on the south island.

Toetoe grass at Otago BayWe saw kiwis (the birds that is), penguins, an albatross chick, a seal, Fox Glacier, New Zealand pigeons, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, clouds, sunrises, sunsets, mountains, rainforest… it was all amazing. Here are some of the photos on Flickr.


One Response to “An amazing adventure in New Zealand”

  1. Eden Says:

    I sure hope I can go there.
    If I will have an opportunity to go there I would definitely grab it!
    Have fun inyour stay their.

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