O when the gnomes come marching in

I want to be in that number, when the gnomes come marching in.

Initial response to the Triple-B Baltimore has been incredible! I sent an email on Wednesday morning to all thirty-five of our original gnomes, letting them know that our journey continues to Baltimore, and giving them the link to the event home page, which now contains the PDF brochure for the event, event agenda, “sell page” about what you get so that you can convince your CEO that you must attend, and registration form. I also posted this information on our web site on Wednesday morning. By the end of the day Wednesday, we already had the first five spots out of our forty-five total filled! Wow! That’s truly amazing and wonderful. And I know that many, many more gnomes are busy filling out their registrations forms and getting the necessary sign-offs so that they may attend.

Gnomes who are attending so far include returning gnomes Michelle Payne and Kelly Turner from Eli Lilly FCU, and they are bringing with them Graphic Designer Ross Graham. We are also thrilled to have coming two brand new gnomes, Theresa Hilinski from Eagle One FCU, whom we met when we presented our branding concepts in Pennsylvania last month, and also Jamie Sundwall from Corporate America FCU in Illinois. Jamie was the very first person to sign up for this year’s event, so she becomes gnome number 37!

I also had a terrific conversation with Brea Abel, a Maryland resident who is really excited that we are holding the Triple-B in Baltimore. I hope Brea is going to be able to come, and I am also really hoping that Stuart Clode of Aberdeen Proving Ground FCU will be able to attend. Stuart posted a long message on our site on the many virtues of Baltimore as a host city many months ago before the location of the event was decided. Stuart sounds like a lot of fun and a bundle of energy! Stuart hails from a far-off land, and I forget if that is from the British Isles (Scotland maybe?), or some place even more exotic.

I also had a nice conversation with Jon Reske, gnome number 10, who plans to return and bring with him his right-hand man, marketing manager Tom Montilli. Jon is my very first credit union client, and I had the great fortune to work with him for quite a number of years doing work for UMassFive College FCU. UMassFive is a highly successful institution, and Jon is responsible for much of that success. And Tom Montilli is a very sharp, on-the-ball guy, who also has some very cool outside interests such as being the drummer in a highly original rock-n-roll band, On The Drop.

We are so excited to be bringing 45 of the best and brightest in credit union land to the fair city of Baltimore…. Brea reminds me that there is no more perfect time to visit Maryland than in September. The temperature should be perfect, and there should be no rain at all. I’ve invited many key members of the Maryland and D.C. Credit Union Association to join us for the networking portion of the event on Friday, September 22, for the pre-game party at the Championship Cafe in the warehouse, followed by that evening’s ball game, the Twins vs. the Orioles. And it is so cool that we will be treated to an eye-popping fireworks display after the game! What better way to end what is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event! I can’t wait! September is going be here before I know it!


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