So many wonderful Massachusetts friends and colleagues

It was wonderful, gratifying, humbling, and amazing to present our brand workshop to so many of our credit union friends and colleagues in Massachusetts (and New Hampshire and Rhode Island). I had the privilege of finally meeting Marilyn Gambardella in person, of Havard University Employees CU, a long time site member of I also got to chat with Rui Domingos, CEO of Cambridge Portuguese CU, who is facing some challenging issues with his field of membership. And it was wonderful to renew our friendships with so many of our Mass. CU League friends, Rob Kimmett, VP of Marketing, Jack Morrill, VP of Seminars and Conferences, Bonnie Doolin, SVP Strategic Planning, Paula Dion, Senior VP of Professional Development, Suzanne Knapik, Event Coordinator, Donna Bevilaqua, Public Relations Manager, and meet some new friends at the league, especially Amanda Christie, Marketing Coordinator. It was wonderful to have so many league professionals at the presentation! And it was especially wonderful to meet our special guests from the Bahamian Co-Operative League, including Frank Davis, General Manager.

A pleasant surprise was to learn that Tim Garner, VP of Marketing for $3 billion DCU, is also an Orioles fan! And I thought I was the only O’s fan living in Massachusetts. In addition to Massachusetts’ largest CU being represented in Tim (it’s his building, after all), we also had the privilege of speaking to Peggy from the second-largest CU in the state, HarborOne CU. It was also a great pleasure meeting Mark Vautour of Workers CU.

Our brand workshop consisted of myself leading off the morning with the What, Why, and How of Branding, followed by Josh Lynn presenting How to Create an Emotional Connection with your members, and wrapped up by Matt Taggart presenting on the whys and hows of delivering on-brand service.

The presentations were terrifically well received. Our ratings, on a scale of 1 to 5, were a 4.71 for content, 4.81 for relevance, 4.81 for presenters’ knowledge, and 4.52 for style and communication. Those averages are on a scale of 1 to 5, so that means we really hit a grand slam with our audience and imparted some truly useful ideas and strategies! Some of the highlights of the comments include:
• One of the best and refreshing seminars I’ve been to.
• This was extremely helpful and one of the best seminars that I have ever attended. Thank you!!
• Very informative and fun! Good ideas are born from these types of sessions.
• Great approach and ideas
• This was a great and informative session! Appreciate the sense of humor and candor
• All of the speakers were fantastic. It was a great day — very informative.
• The sessions were very well presented and the knowledge of the topics were extremely on the mark
• Excellent, fun, and well-presented topic
and personally, my favorite:
• You guys ROCK!!


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