Gnome reunion

Well, it was fantastic meeting up with Gnomes One and Two, Susan Epperson and Jennifer Ramirez-Washington in Richmond. Matt and I flew down to D.C. this afternoon, and then drove to Richmond to mix and mingle with our Virginia marketing peeps at a workshop that the Virginia CU League is holding tomorrow. It was a blast reminiscing with Susan and Jennifer about the amazing journey we had to Portland, Oregon last year for the credit union industry’s first-ever brand event that we organized, the Triple-B (Branding, Bonding & Brew). We had jumbo margaritas (I don’t know why they were blue!) at a restaurant in Mechanicsville (a suburb of Richmond) called Mexico. Susan was kind enough to tell the waiter that it was my birthday, so I was seranaded by the entire staff while wearing the obligatory oversize mariachi hat. Thanks, Susan! I owe you one!

Anyway, it was great to get the update on Henrico FCU’s branding efforts. I was really bummed that we missed our earlier flight which would have gotten us in in time for a tour of Henrico’s new branch. Susan gave us the update that members have been thrilled with the new website that designed for them (and we all toasted Josh who would have loved to have been on this trip).

Jennifer and Susan shared their enthusiasm with us for the fact that this year’s Triple-B brand event is being held in Baltimore, Maryland, only a 3-hour drive to the north from Richmond. (As long as you don’t go through DC at rush hour!)

Susan shared a great story with me and Matt: When Susan and Jennifer got off the plane returning back to Richmond after their Triple-B adventure, Jennifer told Susan that the event had changed her life. And Jennifer’s not even in marketing! She’s the Operations Manager!

We’re so excited to meet more of our Virginia marketing friends at tomorrow’s workshop!


2 Responses to “Gnome reunion”

  1. Susan Epperson Says:

    Morriss…it really was great to have you and Matt with us live and in person! I wish y’all lived closer so we could celebrate your birthday more frequently!! 🙂

    I just want to make a few teeny tiny corrections– things that have happened since my colleagues, Elisabeth and Jennifer joined They’ve both gotten promotions.

    Elisabeth has catapulted past “assisting” and is now coordinating marketing activities and business development. So, we gave her a title that’s as long as her list of responsibilities: Marketing and Business Development Coordinator.

    Jennifer is also rockin’ and rollin’. She went from Branch Manager to Operations Manager. She’s the right hand to our VP of Ops, and she’s doing a great job with operations and training. I honestly believe that some of the events from the BBB contributed to the leader that she is today.

    Elisabeth can’t wait to become a Gnome, and we’re all looking forward to the BBB+BB in September. With a little luck we’ll all be there.

    Thanks to the entire ECU team for giving us this forum. It’s amazing what a few great people can do!!

  2. Morriss Partee Says:

    Hi, Susan,

    You are so awesome! I’ve made the updates on the main blog entry… good thing blogs have an edit feature!

    Next time it’s YOUR birthday!!!!!

    I’m so glad that your whole team is going to hopefully make the Triple B-Baltimore! I talked with Brea Abel in Maryland… she thinks you are great, and she’s completely psyched about the event’s agenda. I gave her the rundown on Friday.

    We plan to finalize the agenda and announce it no later than the end of this week!

    Talk to you soon! Hope to see you at the next VA CU golf tournament!

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