A great brand is born

While most of our branding and marketing work is for credit unions, we will do work outside of that industry as well. Our most recent branding and marketing project is Paradise One. Paradise One is a brand born into greatness. Not all business strategies are created equal, and it is a real pleasure to help bring to life an outstanding one. Paradise One is New England’s first LGBT age-in-place community. For those of you not up on the acronyms, LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered. And since this community is all about inclusiveness, progressive-minded straight people are welcome to call Paradise One home as well.

Paradise One will occupy the mill in Easthampton, Massachusetts formerly known as Glendale Mill, or more recently as Easthampton Dye Works. The developers, Heather and Nancy Whitley, and David L. Murphy, are working with Kuhn Riddle Architects, Wright Builders, and Berkshire Design to make their vision into a beautiful place to live. It’s truly a pleasure to be working with such a first-class team.

We are delighted with all of the terrific press we’ve gotten so far. The Paradise One story has run on ABC-News 40 and WWLP-TV22 in Springfield. We’ve also gotten coverage in the Springfield Republican/MassLive (and their Easthampton blog), and Northampton’s Daily Hampshire Gazette. We’re now running radio sponsorship spots on 4 major public radio stations, WFCR out of Amherst, WAMC out of Albany, WBUR in Boston, and WNYC out of New York City. Paradise One’s very first ad appeared in the Women’s Times, and we’re now going to be running ads in Gay City News, and have one coming out in Center Happenings magazine. We’re also preparing a booth so that Heather, Nancy, and the rest of the Paradise One team can strut their stuff at New York’s Original Gay Expo on March 25 and 26. Exciting stuff! Paradise One will also be sponsoring Northampton’s Pride parade in May.

Huge props to Josh (and now also Nate) for stunning design for the Paradise One web site and all the rest of the gorgeous material! Huge props to Matt for overseeing all the web site execution!


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