Strategy exercise – Product

For many companies, it can be so hard to get past the day-to-day concerns that we all have. It can be hard to make time to imagine a better future. So when we are lucky enough to be able to take some time to strategize, whether it’s a few minutes, or a few days at a strategy retreat, here’s an exercise to get your thinking engines revved up….

Imagine your company currently has no products to sell. You have no inventory. No pre-conceived notions of what it is you do. Try to free your mind. Go to square one. Then back up and go to square zero.


Create your dream product. If there were no boundaries, no restrictions. You can create anything. What would it be?

Now go start working on THAT.

Make it happen! See how far you can get with it! Don’t give up! Don’t take no for an answer! Push beyond! You may be very surprised with what happens!

Your employees breathlessly await what YOU come up with.

And don’t forget, no one else may have the vision that you do. It’s helpful to find allies for your vision, but if you run up against closed minds, you just have to find a way around it. Keep going till you DO find some allies who can also see your vision. It’s up to you do champion your idea, and see it through to fruition.

Now get started! Write it down. Now talk to whoever you have to talk to…. let me know what happens!


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