More great comments from Jen Edlin

Here’s the latest comments on our branding process from Cities Credit Union Vice President, Jennifer Edlin:

One comment about “the process”…….at first I couldn’t wait to hear what you thought of us, our place, etc. I could barely contain my excitement to hear your commentary about what you saw as our strengths and weaknesses. It was kind of frustrating trying to get you guys to talk about us – instead you wanted us to talk about ourselves. This puzzled me. What does it matter what we think of ourselves?! I now recognize it as self realization and can see how necessary it is. The weeks between your visits is also necessary thing – it allows everything you’ve told us to sink it and gives us a chance to use/see some of your concepts in action. With each baby step we’ve taken I say “ah, now I finally get it!” only to see later that there is still more to learn. It has been fascinating to have these types of discussions with Scott, Koren and Mike – a much more mental and emotional process than I originally thought. You know what you’re doing – no doubt about it.

…….Although in some ways time can’t go fast enough – as in the case of your return!! (We’re having a major cold snap right now – it’s about 30 below zero with the wind chill and it doesn’t look like we’ll get much above zero today. Dress warm!!) To say that we are looking forward to your return is an understatement of monumental proportions.

Hope all is well with you and your group. Tell your pilot to drive a little bit faster please!

–Jen Edlin

Jen, you are so right on track. A big part of success, no matter whether personal or business, is doing what you love. And in order to do that, you have to define what success means to you. Success is many different things to different people. And you’ll never be successful if you pursue someone else’s ideas of what success means.

You may have seen Olympic skiier Bode Miller’s commercials produced by Nike. He advocates that we need to teach our kids at a young age to define success on their own terms. Not have it defined for them by their parents, coaches, or peers. Check it out at I haven’t checked it out yet, ’cause I don’t want to bother to download flashplayer 8, but I like what Bode says in his commercials!


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