Once Upon a Brand announcement

It’s official! Save the date on your calendar! The next EverythingCU.com brand event will be held in Baltimore, Maryland from September 20 to 22. Just as last year’s event was an immersive experience, this year’s “Once Upon A Brand” will be a singular brand learning and immersion experience revolving around the central theme of the power of telling your story in all of your branding efforts. Details will be soon forthcoming, but needless to say, we are JAZZED about all that we have in store for you. And because of the overwhelming response and success of last year’s event, we’re increasing our intimate gathering to a maximum of 45 attendees.

We will be allowing last year’s gnomes to reserve their spot initially, then later all other members of EverythingCU.com will be allowed to register.

To get a feel for the incredible experience last year’s event was, read the comments from the gnomes and the event summary. View the photos here!

Stay tuned for details as they unfold! We’ll be making the event brochure and conference registration form available on EverythingCU.com once we’ve got them ready!


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