Good news from Jen at Cities

The reverberations from our initial branding trip to Cities CU are still being heard. Here’s the latest update from Jen Edlin, Vice President.

“We are having a wonderful day. We’re still in a bit of a glow from our successful board meeting last night – Koren was fabulous of course. The BOD was surprising receptive – I actually thought we’d have more splaining-to-do-Lucy however the questions they asked about the whole process led me to believe they support the direction we’re going in. I think they missed that “credit union difference” more than they have admitted to.

And if that wasn’t enough, we had a great staff meeting this morning. Koren reviewed the progress so far and gave copies of our “story” as it stands now. The staff has been talking about nothing else ever since. One person said she’d always read about the difference between credit unions and banks but has never “felt” the difference – and now does. She has definitely had her “ah-ha” moment and so has the rest of the staff.

I’m sure you’re sick of us saying how much we are enjoying this, how much we wish you could come here earlier, how interesting and enjoyable you and your coworkers are….so I won’t say it all again. Saying “meow” would be an understatement – it’s an all out purr-festivus for the rest of us.”

Jen – Cities


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