Madison virgin!

After saying goodbye to Matt and Josh at O’Hare, it was off to Madison for me, to visit my step-brother and his family, and also to meet Bonnie Rosenmeier and Jen Chavez at Dane County CU. I’d never been to Madison before, and I wanted to check it out as a possible site for this year’s brand event.

Bonnie and Jen took me out to a FANTABULOUS brew-pub called Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company. They had an impressive selection of their very own brews. I had to check out the porter, and it was delicious! Bonnie and Jen told me all about their current branding efforts at Dane County CU, and even took me back to their headquarters to give me a sneak peek at their new brand positioning and new logo that they’ve just rolled out. Looking sharp!

Madison is a beautiful town! It has such a beautiful capital building that can be seen from all around… and it’s incredible how it’s situated on an isthmus between two lakes (the only such capital city in the country)… truly a wonderful sight. Stay tuned, and we will reveal the location of next year’s brand event….


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